Pastoral Council

In 2009 the parishes of St Boniface and St Lawrence were linked. Over those 11 years, there have been 2 separate Parish Councils. Increasingly, the interests of both have become similar. Additionally, more activities and programs have been merged. 

The joint council represents both St Lawrence and St Boniface with the best leaders of the two parishes.  This advisory group suggests to the pastor its considered opinions on matters related to the spiritual health and administration of these linked parishes.

2021 Parish Pastoral Council

Chair - Briranne Carpenter

Vice-Chair - Noah Bauer

Secretary - Sue Lingg

Joe Bering

George Dincher

Chris Heim

Sharon Thompson

Jim Noviello

Sue Dinsmore

Jim Pegg

Stephanie Radulski


It is important to note that they are an advisory body and their planning will be WITH the parish and not FOR the parish.