I'm happy to share with our community that I will be ordained as a transitional deacon on Saturday, May 25. Everyone is invited to witness and affirm this next step in my journey towards priestly service to the Church of Scranton!

Before a man is ordained to the priesthood he first is ordained as a transitional deacon. It is in this moment that a man makes his promises to obedience, celibacy, and a life of prayer. "Transitional" means that he will be a deacon for a temporary period and will eventually advance to the order of the priesthood. Being a deacon is an ordained ministry of service. Deacons serve the community, the poor, and at the Table of the Eucharist. Deacons can assist in the celebration of the Mass, celebrate baptisms, witness marriages, preside at funeral liturgies, and give blessings.

But, my journey with the St. Boniface and St. Lawrence community doesn't end there. I'm happy to let you know that I will be serving our parish community as a deacon until I go back to school in August. Even if you cannot be there in person at the Cathedral on May 25, you will be able to watch the ordination live on the Catholic Television Network (CTV), the Diocese of Scranton's YouTube channel, or on the Diocesan website (

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