Pastor's Corner: May 12

Posted on May 13, 2024 in: Pastor's Corner

Let’s take two questions that kind of feed into the notion of being prepared for ministry.

First, in which church ministries were you involved? Frankly, hardly any. I started as lector when Sister of Mercy Colman Krise (may she rest in peace) boldly asked me, starting off with the words “I have come in the name of the Lord.” It’s hard to say no to nuns. For several years I served on the St .Boniface Parish Council. Believe me, I haven’t missed the irony that I’m often sitting in the same room talking about the same things as I did 40 years ago.

And then: Who taught you your faith? If I were going to give you names it would be a long, long list. First of all, my parents—they made sure we prayed, and they and all my family talked about religion. It clearly mattered to them. So many priests taught in homilies and conversations. Spiritual directors and pastors in seminary assignments. Teachers in school—that 11th-grade English teacher who makes you read Flannery O’Connor brings you face to face with religious issues. Theologians I’ve read and theologians who taught at Catholic University. Friends who still hand me a book or send an article: “You gotta read this!” (Please note: I’m still learning this faith!)

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