July 21, 2019

Domani (IT), Manana (SP), Boqara (AR), Demain (FR) in whatever language, "tomorrow"

means we are delaying what we should tackle today. Hugging our family, losing weight,

starting to pray again. Let's not delay any longer. Summertime is an opportunity.

"In the last century, the life expectancy of my fellow citizens rose from forty-seven to seventy-six years. Such wonders can be credited to antibiotics, indoor plumbing, spandex and the soybean. With the extra three decades, we neither cured the common cold nor secured peace...but we did invent the Wonder bra and no-load mutual funds. We are taller, stronger, healthier and live longer than our parents or their parents. And like our parents and their parents, we will surely die. The numbers on this last fact are convincing."

musings of a philosopher/undertaker Thomas Lynch - "Bodies in Motion and At Rest"

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