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March 21--First Holy Communion Retreat   9-2 PM

March 29—Confirmation Name/Essay Due Date for 8th Grade

April 5—Palm Sunday Family Day   9-10 AM

St Lawrence Parish Hall-Participate in a Passover Meal (Seder)—adapted for children

This is for the whole family. A great way to begin Holy Week! More information coming.


8th Grade Service Project

Last Sunday, our 8th grade students helped set up, clean up and assisted families during the Lent Family Day event as well as helped to clean up the PREP building after its use by Family Promise. Thank you!

March 1-March 29   PREP 2020 Lenten Service Project 

For?      Sojourner Truth Ministries

What?  Students themselves contribute money and/or paper products.

How?    Children learn Christian service by your example and by having opportunities to do service alongside you. Make this a family Lenten activity by encouraging your child(ren) to:

  • sacrifice part of their allowances, OR
  • complete tasks over and above what they would normally be expected to do to “earn” the money they contribute, OR
  • give up snacks or desserts and give the money saved to Sojourner Truth, OR
  • go to the grocery store with you and help you choose paper products to bring to class.

What is needed?  

  • 7” paper plates (NO large dinner plates, please)
  • Plastic silverware & Napkins
  • Paper cups (NO Styrofoam)
  • Take out containers of all sizes with lids
  • Cash contributions   

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